Studies and Materials in Applied Computer Science

(ISSN 1689-6300)

(fragment of Volume 1, no. 1)




Dear readers.


It is our privilege and pleasure to be able to present you the volumes of a new scientific periodical Studies and Materials in Applied Computer Science, published at Kazimierz Wielki University in Bydgoszcz.The journal has been established in response to frequently expressed demand for a forum, where Polish computer scientists could publish their papers, mainly in Polish language.We hope that our offer will be warmly received by Polish computer scientists, although there are already several scientific journals in the field of computer science on the Polish publishing market.


Such interest has been expressed by many computer scientists from numerous universities, research and trade institutes as well as by representatives of computer companies.


The proposal to establish a journal was put forward by a group of young but already well-known computer scientists from Bydgoszcz, [...] who gathered strong and engaged editorial committee around them.[...]


Our idea was supported by leading Polish computer scientists, who expressed their readiness to become members of the Scientific Council.


The editorial staff is going to publish original papers of experts of world renown as well as young scientists both in Polish and in English language. An important part of our publishing programme will be special editions prepared by world-renown authors. We also plan to publish review papers presenting the state of knowledge in a given branch of science as well as special papers written by most outstanding Polish and foreign scientist, who present original, sometimes controversial attitude towards challenges that are put out to computer science in its broad sense by the modern world. Those specially ordered papers will be published in the section called “Meetings with Masters”. We particularly want young computer science specialists who enter the world of science or begin their professional career to learn opinion of well-known experts of their branch. Hence the “master-student” relationship that has been present in science and in culture since the dawn of time will be continued by our journal.


We hope that our initiative will be warmly received by Polish and foreign computer scientists, and we would like to thank in advance our Readers and Authors for their contribution in building the image and high position of our journal.


Prof. Janusz Kacprzyk,  Ph.D., D.Sc., Dr h.c. mult.


Full Member, Polish Academy of Sciences

Chairman of the Scientific Council